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[Mod post] Wiping off dust, Nine teaser + trailer
South Park Setsu
gingetsu wrote in danieldaylewis
Hi everyone!

Things have been a bit quiet lately, haven't they. Not that I was expecting this to be a terribly active community, but still - I think time has come to bring it back to life. Daniel took a long acting break between The Boxer and Gangs of New York, but it seems he's back for good this time. And this is definitely a reason to celebrate!

I assume everyone has seen the Nine trailer already, but just in case you haven't, I'm leaving you some download links found via

Download the Teaser:Download the Trailer:Or you can view them online right here (if you're a bit of a collector like I am, you may like to know that you can get both the There Will be Blood trailer and domestic trailer, in a huuuuge resolution as well, over here)

So, who's still around? What are your thoughts on this upcoming movie? Personally, I'm very much looking forward to it; not just because it will be totally different from Daniel's last role (milkshake, anyone? *grins*), and that's always welcomed, but specially because I can't wait to hear him singing.


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