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Just found your community =)
eyrin wrote in danieldaylewis
Hi all!
The Last of Mohicans is one of mostly loved film of mine, Daniel is the best actor for his role of Nataniel Bampo.
I need your help to find photos from the Last of Mohicans and music. May be you know any good resources,cause in Moscow I can't find any CD's... :(

And what films do you suggest to see with Daniel (except "Gangs of the New York")?

  • 1 has many lovely pictures of DDL from Last of the Mohicans (that's my favorite movie of him as well!). In the Name of the Father is another great DDL movie...kind of sad, but still very well acted. He is also good in The Crucible.

I found this site yesterday. But there's no music... It's sad... I've got main theme of the movie,but I want more.
Thanx for your advice.I'll try to find these films! :)

Oh I really like that website, its pretty cool has alot of behind the scenes pictures and some great location shots!! I second that those films are spectacular oh and so is Unbearable Lightness of Being and My Left Foot but I think my favorite is In the Name of the Father.

So many people - so many opinions ^_^ Tnx
Don't you have any music on your computer? Perhaps,you could send it to me :))

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