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Daniel Day-Lewis
danfan12 wrote in danieldaylewis
Hello all!!!!!!!! I'm new to this site. I am a HUGE fan of Daniel Day-Lewis. There is just something about him that makes me do crazy things-like get a tattoo of him on my right arm. I have been a fan of his for quite a few years now. I LOVED him in "The Last of The Mohicans". Him with his long hair and ripped body. But I love all of his movies. Every time I see him-it just makes me want to go to Ireland and just to get the chance to meet him. He's one of the few actors that I would love to meet in my lifetime.

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Oh Last of the Mohicans Daniel is one of my favorites, for your exact same reasons.I also love your icon!

welcome to the group! I've been a DDL fan since I was 11. he's one of my absolute favorites. In the name of the father was the first movie of his that I saw. btw, it's one of my all time favorites.

ps- do you really have a tattoo of him on your arm? lol.

first off, WELCOME!!! same here i would give anything to meet him I respect him more than anything. I mean he's got the brains and the body, he's amazing

I also am a huge fan. I love him in There Will Be Blood, and got Bill the Butcher tattooed on my right upper thigh...I looooove him

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