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New movie...?
Pin me down, Sara, GSR, Grissom, CSI
setsuka wrote in danieldaylewis
I've just checked the Daniel page at IMDB looking for something for my Daniel fanlisting/soon-to-be-fansite, and I've nearly fallen off my seat when I've seen a new movie added to his filmography.

Apparently, the movie will be titled There Will Be Blood and the shooting will begin on mid-May. I've googled for more information and I've found an online article with a few more details:

"Daniel Day-Lewis will star as an oil prospector in "There Will Be Blood," the feature film adaptation loosely based on Upton Sinclair's novel, "Oil." Paul Thomas Anderson ("Magnolia," "Punch-Drunk Love") has been working on the script for years and is in talks to produce and direct the dramatic film, which will be set at the turn of the 20th century."
---> click here to read the whole article

Personally, I'll wait for some "official" confirmation before getting too hyper about it, but if is true, these are REALLY good news for us! :D

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Exciting!!if its true I can't wait lol
I also heard about some other movie that he might do its about the Dr.Kevorkian case I think Ben Kingsley is going to play Dr. Kevorkian and I think Daniel is to play some prosecutor or something.But like this film its not confirmed yet.

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